Punjas have entered the energy drink market with Solar Power, which has ingredients from natural sources and it gives a refreshing boost to everyday consumers. We have seen a growing demand for functional beverages within Asia Pacific and consumers are seeking alternative beverages that offer health benefits beyond basic nutritional functions.

Solar Power aims to complement the energy drink category and targets working adults, tertiary students and parents. Aim is to target Fijians when they need energy the most for example, late-night gaming or watching soccer or rugby, in between long video calls, and when running after kids.

Solar Power’s campaign is titled "Good Energy Only", which is a play on the fact that unlike most energy drinks in the market, it uses all-natural ingredients. In a market dominated by giants, the brand aims to carve out its own niche by appealing to people by providing a healthier, natural alternative to choose from.

The concept comes from the insight that most people associate energy drinks with moments of exhilaration, adventure and high impact activities. But sometimes, consumers need a re-charge of energy even in everyday scenarios and moments. And what better way, than an energy drink that does that, that is made from natural sources.