sustainability & community

Our sustainability philosophy evolves from three sources – from the life of our founder Punja Kara, from our history and from the world we live in.

From the life of our founder we are inspired to serve the people of the Pacific. Just as he crossed continent and ocean to Fiji, we are today continuing that journey into the rest of the Pacific. We are also going full circle and making inroads into the continent in old and new relationships with partners who share our vision.

From our history we are inspired to our commitment to relevance. We were built in our commitment to reading the needs of people and in our commitment to responding to those needs. In over a hundred years, our commitment has not wavered. Our eye for reading people and community needs has increased. It has shaped our ability to meeting needs and building lives, ensuring our commercial sustainability.

From the world around us we are inspired to building the future. We are inspired to create legacies. Our commercial charting and voyaging of the Pacific has brought to our attention the vulnerability of our world and therein, opportunity to create the future. Our life is tied to the life of the world we live in; hence our commitment to the natural world and the people who live and work in it. This guides our commitment to social responsibility.

We believe that profit is essential but not without soul. We believe that when we are building human lives or the life of the natural world, we are building us.

This is sustainability.