punja & sons (spice) ltd

Punjas procures the finest quality spices and lentils from the world’s traditional spice-producing regions.

These are processed and packaged in the spice and lentil mill certified by the International Organisation for Standardization, ISO 9001.

All spices and lentils undergo a rigorous cleaning and milling process that grinds and polishes before hygienically packing and sealing the finished products in bags and jars. Quality testing is done in our own food laboratory set to the Australian standards.
Our range of whole spices includes mustard seeds, cloves, pepper, cardamom, star anise, fenugreek and cumin. Our lentils include most red and yellow dried pea varieties.

Our ground spices include traditional blends to make hot and mild versions of masalas for curries. Our curry powder is renowned throughout the Pacific.

  • Punjas Cinnamon Powder

  • Punjas Curry Powder

  • Punjas Hot Masala

  • Punjas Pickle Masala

  • Punjas Tumeric Powder