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Italian Technology - New 'State of the Art' Biscuit Factory

Punjas Biscuit Factory features the latest in food manufacturing technology and food safety standards with great steps being taken to adopt international best practices in all systems. From the floors up the factory was constructed to the strictest food safety compliant methods including synthetic paneling to prevent pest entry and the absence of wood.

The entire manufacturing line was purchased from a globally reputed Italian manufacturer and features a ‘hybrid-oven’ and packaging system. The fully automated facility requires an absolute minimum of human intervention to produce top quality products to strict International Standards. The facility is monitored remotely by Italian technicians to ensure the plant is running at optimum performance levels and maintaining strict production deadlines.

Food technicians constantly monitor the output of the line, testing for size, thickness, and baking consistency throughout the process. Random samples intercepted on the line are further tested in the on-site laboratory for recipe and texture consistency.

Remote Control

The entire biscuit line is pre-programmed for individual product recipes from measuring and mixing, to laminating and baking, right down the the end packaging which is packed in foil for ultimate freshness.

Italian engineers remotely monitor the equipment to ensure the line runs smoothly and production schedules are stringently maintained.

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