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Devoid of Humanity

The first thing that strikes you when you enter this pristine environment is the almost total lack of people. The fully automated facility requires an absolute minimum of human intervention to produce top quality products to strict International Standards.

Remote Control

The entire biscuit line is pre-programmed for individual product recipes from measuring and mixing, to laminating and baking, right down the the end packaging which is packed in foil for ultimate freshness.

Italian engineers remotely monitor the equipment to ensure the line runs smoothly and production schedules are stringently maintained.

  • 200g Foil Pack

  • Breakfast Crackers 200g

  • 2.25kg Classic Biscuit Tin

  • 375kg Foil Pack

  • BC 2.25kg Pail

  • BC 5kg Pail

  • BC-2.25kg-Pail

  • 200g Foil Pack