We directly employ more than one thousand people in Fiji, throughout the Pacific and in New Zealand. Indirectly, our commercial arm reaches into the lives and homes of thousands more.

Our employees comprise a diverse array of individuals from the Asia Pacific Region. As a growing group, we are keen on recruiting the best in the fields we cover in our range of subsidiaries. Aside from specialist expertise in our various manufacturing and production lines, we have extensive opportunities in management, finance, HR, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and graphic design.

A quick glance of our range of products will impress upon you our diversity, quality and commitment to growth and challenge.

There are two ways to join us: by responding to specific career advertisements online or in print media and through unsolicited enquiry.

Our career advertisements have concrete deadlines with specified turnaround times. Unsolicited enquiries are open year-round and responses will be subject to the nature of your enquiry, strength of your application and evidence of your versatility and possible contribution to our team.

Please refer to our Graduates and Professionals sections to view your potential options.