In our relentless pursuit of excellence we make it our culture to consistently align ourselves to the highest international quality management standards. Our achievements are wide and varied; directly proportional to the range of industries, talents and products in our portfolio.

Our corporate culture places value on quality, sound management, safety, creativity, innovation, sustainability, community, good ethics, customer focus, prudent resource use and integrity.

We achieve our mission of being the choice of the Pacific through adherence to these features of our corporate culture. It is no mean feat. We achieve this through alignment with international standards.

To date, we celebrate the following achievements for our numerous products:

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems

Pacific Quality Mark (New Zealand)

We do not view quality as an end. For us, quality remains a continuous process, an on-going journey engaging our talent and resources in producing goods that improve and enhance the lives of our consumers.